Inquiry into Tasmanian Adult Imprisonment and Youth Detention Matters

18th Apr 2023



The ALA has made a submission to the Tasmanian Government’s inquiry into Tasmanian Adult Imprisonment and Youth Detention Matters. Our submission draws on empirical data which demonstrates how structural barriers and policies centred on a retributive justice framework have led to heightened rates of recidivism. We also draw on research to show that imprisonment itself has a criminogenic effect and that this is, in large part, a reason for increased rates of imprisonment in Tasmania amongst adults and youth alike.

Our submission explores evidence-based strategies that have worked to drastically reduce imprisonment numbers in global jurisdictions. For example, Norway’s holistic approach to reintegration of ex-prisoners shows effective methodologies for addressing social and physical needs of offenders through a coordinated approach between criminal justice agencies.

Read more via the following links:

ALA submission | Inquiry website

Tags: Human rightsCriminal justice