Religious Educational Institutions and Anti-Discrimination Laws

2nd Mar 2023



The ALA made a submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC), specifically in response to the ALRC’s consultation paper entitled Religious Educational Institutions And Anti-Discrimination Laws and the proposals contained therein to amend federal antidiscrimination legislation.

The ALA has provided feedback on the ALRC’s proposed reforms regarding discrimination against current students or prospective students, as well as discrimination against current or prospective staff, including through employment processes via ‘preferencing’ and termination. In our submission, the ALA also emphasised the importance of cohesion and consistency between federal and state/territory anti-discrimination legislation; and further reform needed by way of enacting a federal Human Rights Act.

Additionally, the ALA endorsed the Australian Discrimination Law Experts Group’s submission, which contains very technical analysis of the ALRC’s 14 proposals and alternative drafting for some of the proposed but problematic legislative amendments.

ALA submission | Inquiry website | Consultation paper

Tags: Human rights