Table of Costs Review 2023

31st Oct 2023



The ALA has recently made a submission to WorkCover Queensland in relation to the Table of Costs Review 2023.

Whilst we recognise WorkCover Queensland’s legal right to promulgate a table of costs, the ALA submits that WorkCover Queensland ought not to do so. We recommend that WorkCover Queensland should withdraw the existing table of costs because such a table fails to fully respect differing market rates. Relatedly, the ALA also makes recommendations as to the matters on which good rehabilitation policy should be informed.

Nevertheless, if a table of costs is to be used, the ALA submits that such a table of costs must have flexibility in the form of a discretion, explicitly expressed, to ensure no diminution in the quality and availability of rehabilitation. The present table of costs, we contend, does not reflect market rates and its rigid application is unacceptable to ALA members.

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