Victims of Crime Assistance and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2023

26th Oct 2023



The ALA has made a submission to an inquiry regarding the above Bill. The ALA supports the Bill which aims to better recognise the serious impact of injuries obtained by victim-survivors in domestic and family violence cases while ensuring that they receive the appropriate financial assistance following injury after serious crimes.

Some changes we support include:

  1. Increasing the maximum financial assistance for primary victims from $75,000 to $120, 000;
  2. Increasing the maximum financial assistance for parents, secondary victims, witness secondary victims for more serious acts of violence and related victims to $75,000;
  3. increasing the maximum financial assistance to $20,000 for secondary victims in less serious acts of violence and;
  4. increasing special assistance payments for victims of crime in all categories.

The ALA recognises that for many victim-survivors, government compensation represents more than financial assistance; it can serve to acknowledge and recognise the trauma suffered due to violent crime. The Committee will table its report on 24 November 2023.

ALA submission

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