• The boss no one wants to work for

    3rd Aug 2023

    'If the tightness of the labour market in a post-COVID world has taught us anything, it’s that to attract the right talent, we need to offer the right environment, good opportunities, and an appealing culture', writes Travis Schultz, encouraging self-awareness with a long and short list of don'ts for leaders, managers and bosses looking to boost morale and retain the right staff.

  • The 10 overlapping attributes of effective negotiators and great leaders – coincidence or not?

    11th May 2023

    Vision, patience, respect, listening to understand, admitting mistakes, building trust and rapport – these so-called soft skills aren’t so soft, writes Travis Schultz: they’re the attributes of effective negotiators and great leaders, more pertinent to practice than some of the theoretical subjects currently taught across universities, as vital to leadership as technical skills. 

  • Emojis in litigation: Adding unpredictability and ambiguity to electronic communications

    14th Jun 2018

    An exploration of the prevalence of emojis in modern electronic communications, and the increased legal analysis of what these emojis are intended to mean and/or imply.