Dr Hannah McGlade

  • Call for Indigenous justice heard on global stage

    30th May 2024

    Emphasising National Reconciliation Week’s theme of ‘Now More Than Ever’, Dr Hannah McGlade makes a powerful call for action from the Commonwealth Government to support the rights of Australia’s Indigenous children and youth consistent with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In this sobering statement delivered last month at the UN Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues, she outlines  some of the shortfalls and failings that continue to contribute to Australia’s high rates of Indigenous youth incarceration, child removals and suicide.  

  • ‘Too great a cost’: The High Court’s ruling in the Garlett appeal highlights the need for a Human Rights Act

    13th Oct 2022

    ‘The Garlett High Court case shows the urgent need for a federal Human Rights Act and even constitutional protection of human rights by way of a Charter or Bill of Rights. Indefinite detention such as that sought in relation to Peter Garlett is a form of arbitrary detention … Aboriginal incarceration must only happen as a matter of last resort’ write Dr Hannah McGlade and Dr Harry Hobbs.