Montara oil spill

  • ALA supports Montara class action

    3rd Aug 2016

    A Federal Court class action today seeks to finally bring justice for thousands of Indonesians affected by an Australian oil spill in 2009.

  • The challenge of transboundary environmental disasters

    9th Dec 2015

    Following the devastation surrounding the Samarco mine disaster, the Brazilian government has filed legal proceedings against the companies involved. Emily Mitchell, Senior Policy Officer at the Australian Lawyers Alliance asks: had transboundary damage occurred, would there have been such swift action? 

  • New film proves Montara oil spill reached Indonesian shores

    4th Sep 2015

    A new film released today has shown for the first time the effects that Australia’s worst offshore oil spill has had on our Indonesian neighbours, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) said today.

  • Montara oil spill: Australia’s six years of failure

    21st Aug 2015

    The Australian Government has failed in its responsibility to investigate the effects of the country’s worst-ever oil spill from an oil rig, from which devastated fishing villages and communities across Indonesia still feel the impact today, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) said today.

  • New Montara Report highlights Australia’s six years of failure

    15th Jul 2015

    A new investigative report released today has called for the Federal Government to negotiate for a full investigation with Indonesia, to pinpoint the cause of economic and environmental devastation experienced by seaside communities in Indonesia following the worst offshore oil spill in Australia’s history.

  • FOI Maps prove Montara oil spill investigation is vital

    24th Oct 2014

    Maps released under freedom of information laws indicate oil from the Montara oil spill was located much closer to the Indonesian coast than previously thought, proving the need for an immediate independent study into the disaster, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) said today.​

  • Indonesia asks for help with toxic Montara oil spill consequences

    30th Sep 2014

    The Australian Government should commit to negotiate for an independent investigation into the effects of the Montara oil spill following a direct request for assistance from the Indonesia Government, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) said today.

  • Five years on – and still no justice on Montara oil spill

    21st Aug 2014

    Communities claiming to be left economically and environmentally devastated by Australia’s worst-ever offshore oil spill are still waiting for justice and an investigation five years on, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) said today.

  • Five years of waiting for investigation into Montara oil spill

    21st Aug 2014

    Five years ago today, the Montara oil spill began in Australian waters of the Timor Sea. For five years, Indonesian communities have claimed to have suffered detrimental impacts to their health, environment and economy. To date, there has still not been an independent investigation, writes Australian Lawyers Alliance's Emily Mitchell. 

  • Independent investigation of Montara oil spill must occur

    13th Jun 2014

    An independent investigation of damage sustained in the closest Indonesian province to Australia should be funded by the company responsible, the Australian Lawyers Alliance said again today.

  • Breaking research reveals severe impacts in Indonesia

    11th Feb 2014

    Breaking research by the Australian Lawyers Alliance, revealed this week at a Senate Inquiry into Australia’s aid program, reveals that one of Indonesia’s poorest provinces continues to suffer from the impacts of the Montara oil spill, which occurred in Australian waters of the Timor Sea in 2009.

  • Independent study of Montara oil disaster needed – ALA

    4th Nov 2013

    Four years ago, yesterday, the Montara wellhead, which exploded and left oil gushing unabated into the Timor Sea for 74 days, was finally plugged. A study by Australian authorities investigated the scope of the ecological disaster in Australian waters, but nothing has been done to evaluate its impact on our nearest neighbours who say their lives have been devastated as a result.

  • ALA 2013 National Civil Justice Award Winner announced

    23rd Oct 2013

    A West Timorese small businessman, who distributes water pipes, is this year’s winner of the Australian Lawyers Alliance National Civil Justice Award, which recognises those that go beyond the call of duty to promote justice, freedom and the rights of the individual.

  • Poor Gov response to the 2009 Montara oil spill – ALA

    20th Aug 2013

    Untold human misery, suffering and a stimulation of the people smuggling trade to Australia is being created by poor Australian Government response to a massive 2009 oil spill in Australian waters, the Australian Lawyers Alliance said today.

  • ALA welcomes end to mandatory sentencing for people smuggling crews

    25th Aug 2012

    The Australian Lawyers Alliance is welcoming yesterday’s announcement by the Gillard Government of an end to mandatory sentencing for those crewing people smuggling vessels, but says those wrongly sentenced, under such laws, should now have their situations addressed.