People smuggling

  • Poor Gov response to the 2009 Montara oil spill – ALA

    20th Aug 2013

    Untold human misery, suffering and a stimulation of the people smuggling trade to Australia is being created by poor Australian Government response to a massive 2009 oil spill in Australian waters, the Australian Lawyers Alliance said today.

  • Asylum seekers in WA must be offered protections of Aus law - ALA

    15th Apr 2013

    The Australian Lawyers Alliance is concerned that the rights of a boatload of Sri Lankan men, women and children who reached WA on Tuesday are being ignored as Australia continues to flout its international obligations to asylum seekers.

  • Opportunistic politicians trading in human misery for votes - ALA

    3rd Sep 2012

    “Professional people smugglers aren’t the only occupation trading in human misery in Australia – opportunistic politicians are capitalising on fear and ignorance with a quick easy vote-grab that harshly punishes some of the world’s most vulnerable people,” Australian Lawyers Alliance National President, Tony Kerin, said today.

  • Unjust mandatory sentencing laws jailing vulnerable and marginalised

    17th Aug 2012

    “The jailing of an impoverished Indonesian fisherman in South Australia last Thursday, in what the trial judge labelled as the 'lowest level of involvement' for a people smuggling crime, is highlighting unjust Australian laws that discriminatorily incarcerate people,” Australian Lawyers Alliance National President, Tony Kerin, said today.

  • Mandatory sentencing laws for people smuggling crews unfair - ALA

    3rd Aug 2012

    “Organisers behind people smuggling stand to make windfall profits from each boat, however the skippers and crews of these vessels are often just additional victims of this trade in human misery,” Australian Lawyers Alliance Northern Territory spokesman, Greg Phelps, said today.

  • Aust Gov must compensate children illegally detained - ALA

    27th Jul 2012

    The Australian Lawyers Alliance is calling on the Australian Government to pay compensation to children who have been illegally detained in this country on suspicion of people smuggling following the release of a damning Human Rights Commission report on the matter today.