Travis Schultz

  • Contemporary leaders need to measure value - not time, clicks or keystrokes

    4th Apr 2024

    Travis Schultz addresses the ongoing debate around workers being at home, in the office or a mix of both. ‘From a four-day work week to work-from-home, telecommuting and flexibility, opinions are as polarised as the Republicans and Democrats in the race to the White House’. He reminds us to focus on what really matters: creating value, and predicts time, clicks and keystroke measurements will be replaced as contemporary leaders focus on quality and impact.

  • Injured motorists in Queensland will be worse off for RACQ's withdrawal

    7th Mar 2024

    One year on from the announcement of Queensland’s CTP scheme review, the withdrawal of major insurer the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) in October 2023 means former customers are unsure of their options. Claims management performance was said to be comparable across Queensland’s CTP insurers. Travis Schultz examines the key metrics to uncover a different story.  

  • Court of Appeal clarifies the extent of compromise required for a formal offer to be effective

    5th Oct 2023

    Travis Schultz summarises an important judgment containing a new legal principle. 

  • The boss no one wants to work for

    3rd Aug 2023

    'If the tightness of the labour market in a post-COVID world has taught us anything, it’s that to attract the right talent, we need to offer the right environment, good opportunities, and an appealing culture', writes Travis Schultz, encouraging self-awareness with a long and short list of don'ts for leaders, managers and bosses looking to boost morale and retain the right staff.

  • A bad week for public liability claims – but will it matter?

    20th Jul 2023

    Travis Schultz ponders three decisions handed down this week: Ballina Shire Council v Moore; Blue OP Partner Pty Ltd v De Roma and Townsville City Council v Hodges. 

  • The 10 overlapping attributes of effective negotiators and great leaders – coincidence or not?

    11th May 2023

    Vision, patience, respect, listening to understand, admitting mistakes, building trust and rapport – these so-called soft skills aren’t so soft, writes Travis Schultz: they’re the attributes of effective negotiators and great leaders, more pertinent to practice than some of the theoretical subjects currently taught across universities, as vital to leadership as technical skills. 

  • Most common breaches of WCRA

    23rd Mar 2023

    ‘Much has been written about the ‘dodgy’ workers who have been caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar, but rarely do we hear about the misdeeds of the unscrupulous employers who are prepared to go to any length to protect profitability at the expense of employee welfare ... here are just a few of the tricks commonly used by unscrupulous corporations and employers,’ writes Travis Schultz, Managing Partner, Travis Schultz & Partners

  • Are waivers enforceable? It depends…

    25th Jan 2023

    For most recreational service providers and tourism operators, waivers (or contractual release clauses) are a standard operating procedure. But how well do waivers protect the business operator and the rights of customers and their families in the event of life-changing injuries? 'When reviewing, dissecting and analysing the fine print of these waivers, what we often see are three weaknesses that make the contract not worth the paper it is written on' writes Travis Schultz.

  • The future of Australian law firms – it’s in the numbers

    7th Dec 2022

    ‘Even before the pandemic, younger lawyers were less interested in bonus schemes and high remuneration than they were in flexibility, work-life balance, constant feedback and authentic leadership,’ writes Travis Schultz, Managing Partner of Travis Schultz & Partners, calling for cultural change.