Victoria Police

  • Proposed anti-bikie laws infringe too far on rights and freedoms

    16th Nov 2023

    Proposed new powers which will allow police to prevent convicted criminals from associating in Victoria go too far and will unfairly restrict individual’s rights to freedom of association and political expression.  

  • Victoria needs a new independent police oversight authority – but to work what will it need to look like?

    21st Sep 2023

    To succeed, the new independent police oversight authority called for by many, and most recently the Yoorrook Justice Commission, will need new capabilities and new powers, including the power to obtain information directly from Victoria Police systems and the power to directly investigate potentially systemic issues, including over-policing of minorities, racism and cultural issues, such as sexual harassment. 

  • Victoria and Lawyer X

    12th Jul 2023

    ‘Confidence in the rule of law, in ensuring police act within the law, and that serious wrongdoing by public officials, including police, will be uncovered and punished, is essential in a democracy,’ writes Greg Barns SC, dismayed by the latest development in the Lawyer X scandal.