The Australian Lawyers Alliance Limited (ALA) is a not-for-profit national association of lawyers, academics and other professionals established for the benefit of the community, and community members who have a particular need by reason of youth, age, infirmity or disablement, poverty or social or economic circumstances.

We are dedicated to protecting and promoting justice, freedom and the rights of the individual.


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Our Work

  • Compensation

    Everyone should have access to fair compensation when they have sustained an injury through no fault of their own.

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  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice

    The ALA’s vision for reconciliation is of a society that provides fairer outcomes and justice for everyone, and in doing so addresses the systemic injustice that currently impacts Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Read More

  • Justice

    The Australian Lawyers Alliance advocates for equality and non-discrimination.

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  • Human rights

    Human rights are inalienable and universal. They are based in centuries of common law and widespread international consensus.

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